Eco Party Cloth diapers (english)

6 Eco Party diapers replace 2000 disposable diapers that a baby would use in a year. Inside the PUL hamac you can put as many inserts and liners as you want You can use disposable bamboo liners for easier changing and cleaning There is no need to wash cover at every change, just change inserts and reuse cover We also offer training pants for toddlers Beautiful designs free from chemicals. Environmentally friendly

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  • Step 1: fold inserts and liners and put them in the PUL hamac You can use bamboo disposable liners Adjust under belly
  • Step 2: Change inserts (don’t need to wash cover at every change) Save inserts in wet bag
  • Step 3: Rinse inserts and dispose bamboo liner Close diaper and turn inside out
  • Step 4: Wash with mild soap (no bleaching nor iron)

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